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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review : Dr Delaila @ SDMC

Disclaimer: All pictures are from SDMC's website.

It was another one of those things that I kinda knew where I wanted to deliver my baby in the future. Everyone assumed it would be Assunta Hospital because it is the closest to home. But since the delivery wards are in the old wing, I find it kinda creepy. Further, the gynaes there have so-so reviews only. 

Sime Darby Medical Centre ("SDMC") was always my number one choice. And it was all because of the ever famous Dr Siti. Everyone raves about how gentle she is, how soft-spoken she is, how patient she is. However, the downside to her is that she is perpetually busy due to her popularity and her waiting time is usually 2 hours at the minimum. Further, she only operates from the hospital so I reckon that my monthly appointment could be quite a pain.

Ok la.. to be fair, SJMC SDMC also has top-notch facilities, good nursing care, and they are pro breast-feeding.

The distinguish Dr Siti

So moving on and not giving up on SDMC, I further did my research online and found out that another popular choice was Dr Tang Boon Nee. Young and energetic, she apparently lights up the room and is quite a jovial person. The feedback was she is gentle and patient too - she will take her time to explain any of your queries. Alas, when I wanted to book an appointment with her, she was bully fook fully booked and at the same time won't be around for a week due to a seminar. So no choice lo, have to give her up as I was quite anxious to get my first scan done and to start proper pre-natal care the soonest possible.

Happy-go-lucky Dr Tang

I had colleagues who strongly recommend Dr Delaila but I wasn't too keen because she looked fierce. Yes, I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover and form a perception without even meeting her yet. Due to the persistence of my colleagues and out of desperation, I told Bear that we would go ahead and try Dr Delaila at least for the first scan. If we didn't like her, we could always go back to Dr Siti or Dr Tang for subsequent follow-up care. 

I *heart* my gynae, Dr Delaila so much

A major plus point about Dr Delaila is that she opens an evening clinic in SS19 during the weekdays up until 11pm or until the last patient leaves. Of course, occasionally she would have to close her clinic due to emergency /on-call at the hospital which is unavoidable. Basically, very convenient for us working people. 

The first time I met her, I fell in love with her. It was literally love at first sight! The first thing she did was apologize for us having to wait so long (yes, she has a lot of patients too) and then proceeded to do the first scan. Because my uterus is terbalik (nothing major about that), she had to do a vaginal scan and she was soooo gentle! 

The things I like about her is :
- Straight forward
- Funny
- Gentle
- Caring
- Patient
- Generous with MCs
- Very detailed doctor
- Obviously loves her job
- Passionate about babies 
- Pro natural birth

Of course not everything is fine and dandy, but it can be overlooked. 

(1) Incompetent nurses at her clinic. I don't understand why sometime no one picks up the phone or when you are at the clinic enquiring about something, no one layan you.  

(2) Long waiting list. However, you can register first (registration opens at 7:00pm) and then go for your dinner and head back to the clinic thereafter. Usually, we would only head back close to 10:00pm because Dr Delaila only comes in around 8:30 - 8:45pm.

(3) Clinic tiba-tiba close. Can't be helped  - as mentioned before sometimes she needs to rush off for an emergency case. To be safe, before heading back to the clinic, please call first to check that the doctor is in. The good thing is that once you've registered, you can go back the following day without having to pre-register again. 

(4) Pricing. Not exactly cheap and payment is by cash only. My average check-up would cost me somewhere around RM200. My last check-up which includes a blood test to test for Down Syndrome costed me RM500. Well, I am very blessed because pre-natal care is fully covered by my company so I can claim unlimited amount. :) Worse case scenario, there's an Agro Bank at the same row so you can withdraw cash from there. 

Other than that, I am all for Dr Delaila. And if budget permits, I strongly recommend Dr Delaila. She is such an awesome and wonderful gynae. So glad we made the right choice at the first try. :) 

P/S: To be fair, all the abovementioned doctors are pro natural birth doctors, just in case if you want to know. 

Dr. Delaila's clinic is @ 03-56345744

Mummy Geri


  1. Hi Geri, just curious whether is Dr. Delaila chinese? cos she seems so fair, plus any other female gynae can speak either in mandarine or cantonese can recommend?

  2. Dr Delaila is Malay. I think she is mixed though.

    For those who can speak Chinese in SJMC, Dr Tang is the best bet. :) For other hospitals, I am really not too sure.

  3. can u give Dr.Delaila Clinic's address in SS19?

    1. its Jln SS19/6, infront of gerai2 makan. just look for Poliklinik Fitzrol & Delaila.

  4. iyo.. i dont have her address with me la. maybe you can try googling?

  5. If not wrong, she is mix with japanese. She is highly recommended by me. I had my two boys with her. The long wait at her clinic is worth it!

  6. agree! usually i will register then go makan, then only go back around 10ish. usually have to wait till about 11pm then only it's my turn. but sooooooooooo worth it! :)

  7. Delivered 4 children all with Dr Delaila. 1st time I met her (I had miscarriage) I thought she's chinese. She's mix malay and japanese if m not mistaken. Love her dearly.. she is superb in what she does. Would recommend to all.

  8. couldn't have agreed more. whatever she does i.e. stitching etc is minimal pain

  9. Hi Geri! I google for Dr. Tang Boon Nee and found your blog here. I'm thinking to go for some check up. I just started to try to get pregnant in May this year and so far no good news yet, I'm a bit worried coz I'm not sure whether is it something wrong with me or what. I think maybe I should go for some check up to find out, I prefer a doctor who can speak chinese. Do you know how's Dr. Tang Boon Nee charges like? Is it expensive? Hope to get some reply from you. Thanks.


  10. Dr Delaila was viciously attacked with 'parangs'and robbed last night as she was closing her clinic. She lost several fingers and is currently undergoing emergency due to the horrific injuries sustained. Please spread the word to seek justice for this kind, innocent doctor.

  11. she lost her little finger. the right hand if i'm not mistaken. thankfully there were few guys from the food stall nearby came to help but a little late to catch the robbers. they searched the finger and thankfully one of them found it not too far from where she was attacked. hopefully she will recover fast.

  12. She's been my gynae since forever.. 2 endometriosis laproscopies, 1 miscarriage & 1 twins delivery... How sad to know about the tragedy.. My prayers with my dearest gynae... :(

  13. Please pray for her speedy recovery and back to attend to mommies to be like before.

  14. Heard the news this morning and could not believe she's my gynea! Hopefully she'll recover soon. rcvd called from sdmc this morning dat she'll be on long leave. which means i have to change gynea :(
    luckily dr tang boon nee still available.

  15. She's been my gyneas for my 3 children....can't ask for a better Gynea. My prayers to her....

  16. Yes, I know. Prayers to her. I really wish she can still practice because I intend to have my other children to be delivered by her. Great Dr.

  17. Hie Mira.. sorry.. I wouldn't know Dr Tang's charges

  18. My gynae too for the longest time.... all my 3 kids delivered by Dr. Delaila. Can't ask for a better gynae... :(

  19. I hope she recovers soon physically and emotionally

  20. Snatch thief slices off doctor's thumb

    PETALING JAYA (July 17, 2013): When Dr Delaila Ahmad (pix) faced off with a snatch thief outside her clinic at 1.20am on Tuesday, she never thought that she would have to undergo 12 hours of surgery to re-attach her left thumb and treat a fractured wrist and the many lacerations that the fiend had inflicted on her.

    The 57-year-old obstetrician and gynaecologist (pix) did the natural thing when she turned around on hearing a soft "hello" only to regret her action as the heartless brute sliced off her thumb, leaving her slumped beside her car in excruciating pain.

    It was only when her screams for help brought out a staff member at the clinic that the thief fled with an accomplice on a motorcycle, but not before rifling through her handbag to take RM3,750 which represented part of the clinic's collections for the day.

    The staff member quickly telephoned her husband, who was on the way to fetch her, to rush over to take Delaila to the Sime Darby Medical Centre in Subang Jaya, where she is also a consultant.

    It is understood that the staff member's husband, who arrived shortly after, found the thumb beside Delaila and placed it in a plastic bag before taking her to the hospital.

    Family members were keeping vigil outside the ICU at the hospital today as doctors tried their best to ensure that the operation to re-attach the thumb would be successful.

    It is understood that doctors had to give Delaila four pints of blood as she had bled profusely from the wound.

    "She is alright now and has awoken from her sedation," a source said, adding that no one is allowed into the ICU on doctors' orders.

    Two of Delaila's children – a son who is studying in India and a daughter studying in the United Kingdom – flew in to be with their mother on hearing of the incident. Another son, who is a doctor in Slim River, also rushed back.

    "She had just finished counting the money and was about to go home when the incident occurred. Perhaps the robbers had been targeting her," a source close to the victim said.

    Subang Jaya police chief ACP Yahaya Ramli said police had identified the thief who had slashed Delaila and were on the hunt for him.

    It is believed that the thief's tactic was similar to that of the person involved in another incident recently and police had obtained a photo-fit of the man.

    Meanwhile, those who knew Delaila said she is an expert in her field, highly-praised and well-loved by her patients and peers.

  21. We pray that the good doctor will get well soon. She delivered all our 4 kids via c section. the first in 1998 and the latest back in 2009. I hope that the authorities would catch the criminals soon. The last para in the news report above is so true. "Meanwhile, those who knew Delaila said she is an expert in her field, highly-praised and well-loved by her patients and peers."

  22. I am about going to seek the second advice from Delaila when I heard the news yesterday. My heart sank and asked to myself "who else can give me the confidence again just like Delaila?" Speedy recovery to her and may god bless her always.

  23. if need be maybe temporarily you can seek for Dr Siti and Dr Tang. I heard both are equally good

  24. Our hearts bleed on the uncalled manner of what had happened to our most loving & dedicated Dr.Delaila. She delivered my youngest son son and my grand daughter and her love & passion in looking after each individual expectant moms is truly from her heart. Our prayers for her speedy recovery physically & mentally with God's Blessing
    Thank you Dr.Delaila and be strong.

  25. Anyone know if Dr Delaila has come back to work? Was told she is still on long leave, only realised the reason after reading the update here.

    you guys can also check the list of other popular female gynae here